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"From the curbs, doorways and aisles to the elevators, pay phones, drinking fountains and restrooms, we're doing everything possible to aid the handicapped," said Scott Williams, general manager of the Miller Arena Corp.

The new Jazz arena will offer special seating to approximately 200 people with handicaps (wheelchairs, crutches, general mobility problems that are temporary or permanent), and their escorts.During basketball games, there will be four large areas on level three for seating the handicapped, Williams said, and four areas on level five.

The arena will also offer eight men's and eight women's rest-rooms with one stall in each designed for the handicapped.

In addition, there will be two single-use private restrooms on both level three and level five.

"The unisex private restrooms offer the privacy necessary if the person in a wheelchair needs assistance of someone else," Williams said.

Though the arena will not have automatic door openers, there will be ushers at the doors to assist when the building is open.

Barbara Toomer, a former member of the board of The Independent Living Center, said the arena people allowed the board to review the plans.

"We made a few suggestions," she said. "I hope they use them."

When told of the private rest-rooms planned in the new arena, Toomer said, "That will be marvelous. They're not only private but large enough to maneuver your wheelchair."