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A woman holding a bloody needle-tipped syringe and claiming to be infected with the AIDS virus robbed a Dan's Food store Thursday after threatening to "stick" a clerk.

Police said a woman walked into Dan's, 2336 E. 2100 South, about 9 a.m. and purchased some cigarettes at a checkout counter. She mumbled something, but the clerk didn't understand and asked the woman to repeat it, according to a report."The suspect leaned closer and said she had AIDS, showed the clerk a bloody hypodermic and told her to put money in the bag or she would stick her," the report stated.

The clerk put five $20 bills in a bag and gave it to the woman, who then walked out of the store, officers said.

Police won't know what charges to file against the woman until she is arrested and it can be determined whether she is infected with the virus, Sgt. Scott Atkinson said.

If the woman has AIDS, the deadly acquired immune deficiency syndrome, the crime would be upgraded from a simple robbery to an aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony, officials said.