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A memorial to fallen Davis County law enforcement officers is under construction in the center of the county's new $20 million judicial complex in west Farmington.

The memorial, featuring three flagpoles and a monument, is being built in the middle of the circular drive in front of the county sheriff's department and district court complex.Kenny Payne, chief deputy to Sheriff Glen Clary, said the memorial is scheduled for dedication May 14, the day preceding National Law Enforcement Day.

That is 20 years to the day that Deputy Sheriff Don Jensen was killed in a shootout with an escaped prisoner from the state prison.

The county originally budgeted $5,000 to build a fountain in the circle, but members of the sheriff's department, their Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) chapter, persuaded the county commissioners to convert it to a memorial.

The FOP chapter pledged an additional $5,000 to help build the memorial and is also seeking donations from businesses and others in the community.

Centerpiece of the memorial, a 50-foot flagpole, is already in place. The two 40-foot flagpoles flanking it will display the state and county flags.

Payne said at this point the department is aware of only two law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty - Jensen 20 years ago and a Utah Highway Patrol trooper who died in a high-speed chase in 1961 on I-15 near Lagoon.

People with information on others who died on duty are asked to contact the sheriff's department so their names can be added to the plaque to be installed on the side of the central monument.

"We'd like to go back as far as we can in the history of the county, back to when it was being pioneered, if possible, and include those names if there are any that we can verify," said Payne.