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There's something more valuable than "gold." That seems to be the latest theory at radio station KZOL (FM-96.1).

Starting Monday, the Utah County-based station is switching from a "96 Gold FM" format to its former "K-96" programming.According to operations manager Larson Bennett, market research determined that listeners still prefer the old format over the "solid gold" approach. He said K-96 will remain a gold-based station, but will play more of today's adult contemporary music - a mix of the old and new.

One of the obvious reasons for K-96's change is the strong presence of KLZX, currently the most dominant classic rock and roll station in the United States, with an 8.4 percent share of the Wasatch Front audience, according to the fall 1990 Arbitron.

In addition to Danny Kramer (3-6 p.m.), K-96 has announced another key on-air personality, Tom Robin, formerly of KRSP-FM. Robin (9 a.m.-noon) is also the station's new promotion director.

"K-96 will be positioned as a Utah County station as well as a Salt Lake County station, but the primary focus for now will be Utah County because it is felt that Utah Valley has been virtually ignored by most Salt Lake stations," Robin said.

K-96 is launching a major promotion to herald this latest change in radio along the Wasatch Front. The station plans a remote broadcast from Disney World at Orlando, Fla., and will give away a trip to the resort.