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This new Campbell's soup is for the toddler set. A can of "Teddy Bear" pasta shapes with noodles can be purchased for 68 cents.

Kay Hadley: What will they think of next! For us, vegetable soup is vegetable soup regardless of the shape of the noodles. Perhaps really young children or teddy bear lovers will find Campbell's new soup delightful. We will stick with plain alphabet soup.Don Russell: As might be expected, we weren't surprised with the appearance, content or flavor of this children's soup. Campbell's adds a generous amount of noodles and carrot chunks, and a little bit of diced chicken. All young children should enjoy this new soup.

Doris Wilding: This is definitely a small-child's soup. Our teenagers needed something more substantial to eat, and the "teddy bears" did nothing for them. However, if you have small children that like chicken noodle soup, pick some up. They will love the little bear shapes and it has the same mild flavor that children everywhere love.

Judy Slack: This was just gloried Campbell's chicken noodle soup. The teddy bears are just not that impressive. If you had preschool children this might be fun.

Edyth Jensen: This is a good chicken soup with a good amount of "real" chicken, with carrots and celery. The teddy bear shapes are a fun way to get the little one to eat soup. We will probably use it again.

Linda C. Tingey: This is a delicious soup but really meant for little kids. My teenagers weren't impressed with the teddy bears. As usual, Campbell's does a good job.

Conclusion: This will thrill the little guys but if your kids are 10 or older, stick with regular chicken noodle soup.

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