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Salt Lake area employees received good news because Manpower Inc. reports that 26 percent of the employers intend to hire more workers in the second quarter of 1991 and only 6 percent expect to reduce their staffs.

The company's survey said 68 percent of the business owners interviewed said they expected to keep their staffs at the current level."We normally experience a pickup in hiring momentum from the first-quarter lull," said Robert Katz, local Manpower spokesman. "Although it's difficult to assess, the uncertainty of the Persian Gulf crisis and the teetering of the U.S. economy add an unpredictable dimension to area employers' hiring plans," he said.

A year ago, hiring prospects were even brighter when 39 percent of the businesses in the area said they would add workers and 6 percent said they would reduce their staffs.

Katz said the most active sectors appear to be wholesale/retail trade, construction, durable goods manufacturing, transportation/public utilities, education and public administration. Industries reporting net hiring drops or few staffing changes include non-durable goods manufacturing and services.