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Alta View Hospital-

ADAMS, Craig and Karen, Sandy, girl.

ANDERSON, Robert and Julie, Sandy, girl.

MARTINEZ, Joaquin and Annette, West Valley City, boy.

SHELL, James and Leslie, Murray, girl.

SWEAT, Kent and Diane, Salt Lake City, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BAIRETT, Richard and Kynnette, Salt Lake City, girl.

FERGUSON, Boyd and Denese, Salt Lake City, boy.

HELM, Kelvin and Julie, Sandy, girl.

JORGENSEN, Gaylen and Michele, Salt Lake City, boy.

KEMKER, Ralph and Corlene, Salt Lake City, boy.

KENNEDY, Sherrie, Salt Lake City, boy.

LOERTSCHER, John and Teresa, Magna, boy.

SMITH, Paul and Conie, West Valley City, girl.

THOMAS, Victor and Larri, Salt Lake City, boy.

THOMPSON, Robert and Juliann, Salt Lake City, boy.

TURNER, Mark and Kayla, Salt Lake City, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ANDREWS, Wanda and MELVIN, William, boy.

FETZER, Kent and Julia, girl.

McDOUGAL, Keith and Estella, girl.

RIDDLE, Bruce and Allison, boy.

ROCCO, Jeff and Theresa, girl.

STORCH, William and Tara, boy.

TINGEY, Brad and Cindy, girl.

WIGGERMAN, John and Terilyn, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BORDELON, Brook and Anna, girl.

GLADSEN, Ronald and Melissa, girl.

HATFIELD, Larry and Tina, boy.

JENSEN, Jeff and Sara, girl.

KRUEGER, Nicholas and Deborah, boy.

MABEY, Brent and Mary, girl.

RUPP, Doug and Sharon, boy.

SAWAYA, Edward and Jackie, boy.

SCHUTZ, Shane and Ronna, girl.

SINGH, Sarb and Connie, boy.

SPAULDLING, Kenneth and Marta, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BRASSEY, Brian and Jennifer, Park City, girl.

GLADE, Mark and Renate, Salt Lake City, girl.

KISER, Scott and Christine, Salt Lake City, boy.

SCHMUHL, Richard and Anita, Salt Lake City, girl.

WILDER, Tracey and Natalie, West Jordan, boy.

University Hospital-

HA, Khan and Amy, boy.

KAMMERER, Joseph and Roxanne, girl.

LINNELL, Brad and Tamara, boy.

WHITTLE, Charles and Kate, girl.