Betty O'Nash knows what it's like to deliver a mountain of newspapers.

She distributed about two tons of them - enough to fill a large delivery truck - to Jordan District schools Tuesday as part of No Books Day sponsored by the Deseret News."I'm tired. I'm going to fix dinner and then go to bed," she said late Monday night after making deliveries for 10 hours.

O'Nash was assisted by her roommate, Colleen O'Neal, who helped her lug almost 5,000 newspapers to 25 schools in the Jordan District.

"I just delivered two bundles at a time," said O'Nash, who is a district manager for the Newspaper Agency Corporation, which distributes the Deseret News. "Colleen could handle four."

The papers feature a special educational section that focuses on "Land, Air and Water." The section will help thousands of Utah students understand environmental issues.

More than 48,000 sections were delivered Tuesday to students throughout the state.

O'Nash said her share of the 48,000 kept her plenty busy.

"We started about noon and just walked in the door now," she said at 10 p.m. Monday.

O'Nash usually supervises three trucks to deliver 4,000 copies of the Deseret News to regular subscribers in the South Jordan area.