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A three-car train derailment that involved a tanker car full of a highly toxic chemical did not result in any spillage, fire officials said.

"The car was loaded back onto its wheels, and it was moved out of the area" about 2 p.m. Wednesday. "We didn't have any spill," said Ogden Fire Department Battalion Chief Kenneth Strebel.The tanker, containing up to 15,000 gallons of a chemical solvent, sustained some denting and creasing, but the inner wall of the double-wall tank contained the load, he said.

Two cranes, one at each end of the tanker, were used to place it back on the tracks.

Capt. Jerry Hill, a member of the department's hazardous materials team, said the derailment occurred about 3 a.m. between 28th and 29th streets adjacent to Pacific Avenue on Union Pacific rails in the Ogden rail yards.

The fire department was notified of the incident at 8:43 a.m. by a passing motorist, Hill said.

The three derailed cars included two tank cars and a boxcar. The boxcar contained building materials and one of the tank cars held titanium dioxide, a harmless paint additive.

The third car contained dimethyl phosphoro chlordothioate, a solvent used in various chemical manufacturing processes that Hill said is on the Environmental Protection Agency's "extremely hazardous" list.

If the tank had leaked, he said, an evacuation of half a mile in all directions would have been necessary.