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Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, says spending a half-million taxpayer dollars for a memorial to Lawrence Welk isn't so "wunnerful, wun-ner-ful."

He joined 90 other House members this week on a bill to repeal a $500,000 grant for the Lawrence Welk Memorial at his birthplace in North Dakota."I appreciate the good works of the band leader, but I do not think that the American taxpayer should have to pay for the development of a tourist attraction," Hansen said.

"At a time when the federal government is facing a record deficit, we must be looking at ways to limit spending, not spend money on projects like this."

Somewhat ironically, Hansen hoped the legislation to repeal would be attached to the Desert Storm Emergency Authorization bill, which is scheduled for consideration this week. Hansen said the legislation would send a message that all spending will be more closely scrutinized.