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Peter Pan is a tale of a boy who never grew up - who never outgrew the joy that goes with being a child.

And in retelling that tale, "Walt Disney's World on Ice" captured that childhood magic to the delight of both the youngsters and their parents - and grandparents - who were in the Salt Palace on Wednesday night.Most of those in attendance probably already knew the Pan story, owing to last year's release of the Disney video. But that didn't seem to dim any of the excitement for the young audience.

For the show was indeed the Disney version, with a bit of editing. All the characters were there, from Peter and the Lost Boys to Wendy, Michael and John, from Tiger Lily and the Indians to Captain Hook and his pirates.

Not to mention an adorable Nana the St. Bernard and that crocodile who swallowed the alarm clock.

With a bit of introduction from the likes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck and Chip 'n' Dale, who were visiting jolly old London - the troupe took off for Never Land.

"World on Ice" is produced by Kenneth Feld, the same fellow who brings us the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. And there are a lot of similarities between the two when it comes to showmanship.

Cast members flying above the crowd on wires. Flashy production numbers, complete with elaborate and colorful costumes. Light shows, clowns (do you remember Mr. Smee?) and a few surprises.

And some elaborate sets and special effects.

Among the highlights were an ice duet featuring Peter Pan (Jaimee Eggleton) and his "shadow" (another skater dressed and made up in black), a big number with the Indians and Lost Boys dancing to big band music, and the climactic duel between Peter and Captain Hook.

And the whole cast - Lost Boys, pirates, Indians, Peter and Mickey, Donald and Chip 'n' Dale - joined in for a rousing finale reaffirming the joy of imagination.

There were plenty of opportunities for individual skaters to shine - particularly Eggleton as Peter Pan, Christel Bailey as Wendy, Carla Ericson as Tiger Lily, Bobby Davis as John and the duo of Penny Booth and Michael Nemec as the pirate pair. Each put on an exhibition that left the crowd oohing and aahing.

But this was more a show of Disney magic than ice magic. The kids were there to see the tale of Peter Pan, and they enjoyed what they saw.

Despite the length of the production (about two hours, including the intermission), the action on the ice kept the kids enthralled. A quick look around the arena showed more than a few of the youngsters dancing in front of their seats as the soundtrack blared through the loudspeakers.

In an age when it isn't always easy to find entertainment suitable for the family, "Disney's World on Ice" fills the gap. The kids will love it - and their parents will love their reactions.