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Cottonwood Hospital-

BOHN, Mark and Bethany, Salt Lake City, boy.

BUTTERS, Kenneth and Sophia, Salt Lake City, boy.

KRANKER, Timothy and Villa, Midvale, boy.

TIMOTHY, Todd and Holli, Riverton, girl.

FHP Birthing Suites-

CURTIS, Cassandra, Salt Lake City, boy.

MIGLIACCIO, Steve and Marie, Salt Lake City, girl.

PASTURE, Joe and Beth, Midvale, girl.

WEBSTER, Kevin and Moya, Sandy, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

AITKEN, David and Ramona, girl.

BAKER, Scott and Delores, girl.

BATEMAN, Janet and Rowland Mike, girl.

BEVAN, Scott and Diane, girl.

BLACK, Stephen and Brenda, girl.

CLINE, Douglas and Wendy, boy.

CORRALES, Cesar and Carolina, boy.

CURTIS, Teresa, boy.

GARZARO, Elmer and Virginia, boy.

HA, Dong and Kyungsook, boy.

JONES, Allan and Natalie, boy.

MANWILL, Richard and Julie, girl.

MARSHALL, Torrey and Adrienne, girl.

SILVERSTEIN, Scott and Mimi, girl.

TALBERT, William and Debbie, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BAIRD, Thomas and Carol, boy.

DEPAULA, James and Norma, girl.

GRAFF, Jeff and Mary, girl.

GRANT, Douglas and MaryAnn, girl.

HALL, Greg and Becky, girl.

HOOK, Steven and Kim, boy.

HUNT, Joseph and Lori, boy.

JACOBSON, Jennifer and CHAVEZ, A.J., girl.

KERR, Richard and Cheron, boy.

LOVENDALE, Lynn and Bonnie, girl.

MCKAY, Kyle and Jennifer, girl.

NEESHUN, Lisa and AFFLECK, Reed R., girl.

PALACHE, Troy and Jennifer, boy.

REMIGI, Rex and Wendee, boy.

RENZELLO, Micheal and Laura, boy.

STEINMAN, Thomas and Julie, girl.

UNSON, Richard and Cheri, girl.

WATANUKI, Rodney and Alexis, boy.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

BLAKESLEE, Krislene, West Valley City, girl.

BLEAZARD, Guy and Lisa, West Valley City, girl.

CHARTLAND, Gale and HARRISON, Dennie, West Valley City, girl.

EDDY, Dave and Annette, Magna, boy.

EMERICK, Dale and Marla, Salt Lake City, boy.

HOVEY, Kary and THOMAS, James, West Valley City, girl.

HUFFAKER, Victoria and GARDNER, David, Kearns, boy.

HUTZLER, Tommy and Tina, Tooele, girl.

JAECKEL, Steven and Janice, West Valley City, girl.

JENKINS, Daniel and Grace, West Valley City, girl.

KLEIN, Brad and Antji, Kearns, boy.

LARSEN, David and Kathleen, West Valley City, boy.

MAESTAS, William and Julie Ann, Bennion, girl.

MCLACHLAN, Brayn and Dionne Magna, girl.

MERCADO, Paula and BRYANT, Jay, Sandy, boy.

PARKER, Charlie and Sharon, West Valley City, boy.

THOMAS, Richard and Tamara, Salt Lake City, boy.

TOLMAN, Terry and Tamera, West Jordan, girl.

WARNER, Gerald and Vivian, West Valley City, boy.

WILEY, Lenny and Lisa, West Valley City, boy.

WILKINS, Alec and Sheryl, West Valley City, girl.

WYMAN, Robert and Toni, West Valley City, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

FARLEY, Steven and Jolene, Salt Lake City, girl.

JUDD, Jon and Karen, Salt Lake City, girl.

KNIGHT, Barry and Wende, Salt Lake City, girl.

KOFOD, Wes and Diane, Salt Lake City, boy.

KRAMER, Kelly and Rosilind, Sandy, girl.

KRUSE, Thomas and Yvonne, Murray, boy.

LANG, Wesley and Holly, Salt Lake City, boy.

MORI, Jerry and Julee, West Jordan, boy.

PALMER, Todd and Jodi, Salt Lake City, girl.

University Hospital-

BENDELE, Rick and Katie, boy.

BRADY, Marvin and Christina, boy.

CARRERA, Paul and Paige, girl.