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World chess champion Gary Kasparov failed to improve his sixth place in the Linares, France, International Tournament standings after his third-round draw.

Kasparov, who had started the game with his favorite Grunfeld Defense opening, tied with Jan Timman of the Netherlands.A game between former world champion Anatoly Karpov of the Soviet Union and Yugoslav Grandmaster Ljuvojevic was adjourned with Karpov in a winning position.

Jan Ehlvest, who says he is playing for the Soviet Baltic republic of Estonia, drew against fellow Soviet Mikhail Gurevit. Gurevit plays for Belgium, which he plans to make his country residence.

Visuanathan Anand of India lost to Soviet Alexander Beljavsky, and Artur Yusupov of the Soviet Union defeated Gata Kamsky of the United States.

Two other games were draws - an all-Soviet clash between Vasili Ivanchuk and Valery Salov, and an encounter between Boris Gelfand and Britain's Jonathan Speelman.

Standings after three rounds:

Beljavsky, Yusupov, three points

Anand, Ivanchuk, Timman, two points

Kasparov, 1 1/2

Karpov, one, (one game adjourned)

Kamsky, Gelfand, Speelman, Salov, one

Ljuvojevic, 1/2 (one game adjourned)

Gurevit, Ehlvest, 1/2

- QUEEN - Xie Jun, China, defeated a Yugoslav to become the first Asian to win the right to challenge for the women's world championship. The announcement was made by the Xinhua News Agency in Beijing.

Xie, 20, will play the reigning women's chess champion, Mai Chiburdanidze of the Soviet Union, in September, the Xinhua News reported.

The match will be played in a third country that has not been named, Xinhua said.

Xie defeated Alisa Marie, Yugoslavia, on the 61st move, picking up the final point she needed to win the series in seven games.

Xie won the series with a total of 4.5 points. Marie had 2.5 points.

The women played the first four games of the series earlier last month in Belgrade. When the series resumed in Beijing, Xie had 21/2 points and Marie had 1 1/2.

International chess was introduced in China in the late 1950s. But no Chinese players participated in international competition until China joined the International Chess Federation in 1975. The official China daily newspaper reported.

- CELEBRATE - Utah chess players who are into correspondence chess have reason to turn cartwheels. Plans are being completed and the organization of a Utah Correspondence League will soon be announced. The league will be open for any and all Utah postal players. The rules will be the same as the U.S. Chess Federation. Now the great challenge will be to see if the U.S. Postal Service can get the cards across and around the state in a week.

- PREP TOURNAMENT - The Utah High School State Championship Tournament will be held March 22-23 at Weber State University in Ogden. This is a tournament for players in grades nine through 12. The organizer is Douglas Duncan (479-3145). The tournament directors will be Bruce McMaster (224-5640) and Robert Jones (250-6485).

- SUCCESSFUL! - Nigel Short had to wait three years to get revenge for his 1 1/2-3 1/2 loss to Jonathan Speelman in their first world championship candidates match, but now he has won it.

He won their match in the current cycle a victory and a draw in a two-game playoff after tying the new regulation eight-game series at 4-4. The ultimate winner of the candidates elimination contests will meet Gary Kasparov in the title match in 1993.

This match, as with their previous ones, was in London. The tiebreak games were played at the rapid rate of 60 moves in 45 minutes.

In the first game of the regulation series, each player tried to jolt the other. Short chose a defense he had heretofore never played, and Speelman chose an attack against it that worked so that he took a one-point lead as the match got under way.

- CONGRATULATIONS (FOR A TRICKY PROBLEM) TO THE SOLVERS! - Steven L. Staker, Roger M. Neuman, Hal Harmon, Robert W. Lee, Gordon Green, John K. Crandall, B.J. Peterson, Edwin O. Smith, Ardean Watts, Hal Knight, Kay Lundstrom, Kim Barney, Sharon Steimle, Jim Reed, Stanley Hunt, Alison Hermance, David Moody, Ashley Ann Grave, Ted Pathakis, William DeVroom, Raeburn Kennard, Nathan Kennard, Aaron T. Kennard, Eugene Wagstaff, Ramon E. Bassett, Russell Anderson, Camrin Copier and Richard Schow.

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