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Utahns have been told for months that the state's economy is faring better than the rest of the nation. A recent development in local radio has added credence to that belief. KKDS (AM-1060) remains on the air, but its network, the Kids' Choice Broadcasting Network in Orlando, Fla., has run out of money and is silent.

"We will continue," Alan Hague, state general manager, said. "We have the advertising support . . . we feel that Utah is ripe and ready for a localized version."Hague said that KKDS, alias "The Imagination Station," remains a kids station. "Jazzy Jana" will be going on the air full time and will be joined by a few more local personalities soon. He said the station, which is sister broadcasting property of KRSP-FM, is committed to the positive concept of radio programming for children.

Critics of KKDS believed that there wasn't enough advertising support for such a local children's radio station. However, no one expected the national network to go under.

KKDS went on the air in late October as the first children's station in the nation.

- KBER (AM-101.1) radio celebrated its fifth birthday March 5. During those five years the station has moved on the dial from 106.5 to its current location and has sponsored a long list of concerts and contests.

The station recently gave away 10 cars in as many weeks to lucky listeners. The latest car to be given away was a 1989 Iron Camaro in the "I-Rock with KBER" campaign.

KBER has also given away plenty of cash, records and even free trips. In one contest, participants had to roll themselves in honey and then roll over money in hopes a lot of it would stick to them. The station also presents the annual "Bearfest" and regularly showcases local bands in "The Battle of the Bands."

- KRSP (FM-103.5) - Rumors that this rock station is getting ready to switch to an oldies music format are not true, according to Alan Hague, general manager.

Hague said KRSP is committed to its rock music format and believes it can remain competitive in the market.

- In other KRSP news, Mick Martin, afternoon personality, has also been appointed music director. He feels his aggressive approach will make a big difference in successfully dealing with record companies and rock promoters.

In other station news, Kristen Jensen has joined the station's on-air staff.

- KCNR ("News Radio AM-860") started carrying simulcasts of KTVX-TV Ch. 4's weekday newscasts last week. The station carries TV audio news twice from 6 to 7 a.m. and also live at 5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

The station has been broadcasting an audio portion of Cable New Network's cable-TV channel since it went on the air last November.

This new trend is TV on radio. Sound dumb? Don't knock it until you've listened to it. Sure there are some occasional references to visual things, such as "watch this low pressure system . . ." but although I admit I was reluctant to listen to one of these TV/radio newscasts, I ended up liking the one at 5:30 p.m.

It's awful tough to eat dinner and watch TV news at the same time, but just having the TV's audio, through KCNR, was a lot less disruptive, and you can still listen to those pleasant local news voices.

Also, there are times when you can't watch TV and it's more convenient to listen to the radio - or to a TV audio on radio.

Confusing? Maybe, since we thought TV and radio were separate. Actually, I was hoping to hear one of those TV promotion ads where they try to sell advertisers on the value of TV over radio and newspapers because on TV you can actually see the product. But in case you haven't noticed, KCRN uses its own commercials during the breaks and not those of Ch. 4.

- KLCY (FM-94.1) - Despite a typographical error in last week's "Radio Dial" column, KLCY is not found on the dial at 94.9. That's the home of KZHT.

- KZOL (FM-96.1) - In case you missed it, this Utah County station has reverted back to its former "K-96" radio format. This means it has more adult contemporary music and less oldies music.