The Provo School Board will create two advisory committees to study ways to handle growth throughout the district and specifically Canyon Crest Elementary School.

The committees resulted from a disagreement between the board and Canyon Crest parents about whether to implement a four-track, year-round schedule at the school. The board voted in January to put Canyon Crest on the new system. It reversed that decision in February under pressure from parents.Each committee will have the same goal: to determine a list of recommendations and priorities to handle growth and how to best house students and staff. Factors to be considered include building capacities, boundaries, budgetary issues relating to education and student transportation and needs of such groups as special education and honor students.

The board will appoint members to both committees.

The districtwide committee will be composed of two administrators, five teachers from middle and high schools and about 17 to 25 parents representing each school in the district. Committee discussions will begin this month. It will report its findings to the board in mid-August.

In July, the board will select three teachers and 10 parents within the school's boundary for the Canyon Crest committee. Discussions will begin in mid-August with a report due to the board in December.