Applying a pattern he used in his October 1985 general priesthood meeting address, President Gordon B. Hinckley, first counselor in the First Presidency, delivered a report on the "state of the Church," at the Satur day priesthood session. To do so, he posed several questions, some of which follow, and then answered them.

- How is President Ezra Taft Benson?"I am pleased to report that President Benson is reasonably well for his age. He is now 91. He has lived a life of vigorous activity, filled with heavy responsibility and its attendant stress. The years have taken their toll. . . . There are serious limitations on what he can do, as might well be expected. But I assure you that nothing of substantial consequence is done without his knowledge and concurrence."

- How is the Church doing?

"The Church is doing very well. We are far from that state of perfection for which we work, but we are trying, and we are making substantial progress.

". . . I have served as a stake or general officer of this Church for more than half a century, and I am confident that never, during all of that time, has a larger percentage of our people been actively engaged in Church responsibility. . . ."

- Are we able to construct buildings enough to accommodate the growth of the Church?

"Approximately 330,000 converts came into the Church during 1990 . . . sufficient to constitute 110 new stakes of Zion. . . .

"Five hundred and twenty new chapels were dedicated in 1990. . . ."

- How has the Local Unit Budget Allowance Program worked?

"After a year's experience, we have received numerous expressions of gratitude and appreciation."

- What is the future of the Church?

" . . . The work of the Church is concerned with the eternal welfare of all generations who have lived upon the earth. . . .That challenge, I am confident will be met by the growing generation and by generations yet to come."