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Kids aren't the only ones who like videogames, a fact that hasn't been lost on the people who produce the electronic time passers.

According to Video Magazine, a whole new segment of the electronic game market, spurred by the emergence of snazzy handheld hardware, is being aimed at adults.New electronics systems have elevated videogames to a connoisseur level, bringing the sophisticated action and superior graphics adults demand, at grown-up prices.

In addition to reproducing over 500 colors in their displays, these $200 handhelds by Atari, NEC and Sega include such capabilities as zooms, pans and deeper playing fields - visual nuances best appreciated by adult players.

In fact, the games themselves are being tailored to adult tastes. Generally speaking, games for grown-ups play longer, with slower-paced action, as opposed to the quick biff-bang shoot-'em-ups the kids prefer. Adult reaction times are slower than those of kids.

Adults also take longer to learn new games. Evidence of this is the fact that the game makers' help lines are flooded by adults who call when they're stumped.

As the older crowd grows more serious about its gaming skills, electronics companies are developing technologies that will make today's systems look like kid stuff. NEC has already introduced games that employ compact discs. A single disc can hold 2,000 times more information than a game cartridge, which makes for games with better graphics and realism.

Adult-oriented games currently available include: Klax with a colored conveyer belt running above an empty bin.