The School of General Studies and Allied Health at Utah Valley Community College has officially become the School of Humanities, Sciences and Health Professions.

Ann Miller, dean of the school, said the name change reflects the incredible growth and change the college has gone through in the past eight years."Traditionally, UVCC has been regarded as a vocational/technical school. The college did not award an associate of science degree until 1982," Miller said. Now over 54 percent of the students at the college are enrolled in humanities, science and health professions programs.

Seventy full-time faculty members teach in the department. Some of the disciplines include foreign languages, literature, history, theater, art, music, philosophy, biology, genetics, geography, chemistry, social and behavioral sciences, anatomy, anthropology, physics, health, psychology, sociology, pre-engineering, nursing and physical education.

For more information about the school or its programs, contact the college at 222-8000, ext. 300.