A recent issue of CHANGING TIMES magazine makes these suggestions regarding bargaining on the price of a new car.

- Research prices. Go into a showroom knowing the dealer's cost. Let the dealer know you know the price and keep in mind that even invoice is 3 to 4 percent over the dealer's cost.- Bargain hard. There's plenty of room to negotiate on options as well as on standard prices.

- Negotiate a price with several dealers. Let them know you're shopping around and refer to the dealers you've already visited.

- Do a telephone auction. Visit three dealers that sell the car you're interested in. Then call back with an offer. Start with one that's below the invoice price. Tell each salesman that you're going to call around and complete the deal with the one who accepts your best offer.

If you get turned down by all three of them, increase your offer by $100. Continue until one of the dealers accepts your price.

According to a study by an assistant professor at Northwestern University School of Law, if you refuse a test drive, the final price of a car is lowered by about $200.

The reasoning presumably is that if you refuse a test drive, the dealership assumes you have given the car a test drive at another dealership.


Work in Kuwait

According to a recent issue of U.S. News & World Report, if you're looking for work in Kuwait, be careful. Jobs there are neither plentiful nor pending. Most contracts won't be awarded for months.

Sending a check to an instant job-finding service or calling a 900 number may give you nothing more than data that's available free from the U.S. government.

State employment offices carry the "Persian Gulf Orders" list of job openings. Most of the jobs such as helicopter pilot and diesel mechanic are for skilled technical workers.

Kuwait Emergency and Recovery Program, 1510 H St., N.W., Washington, D.C., 20005, is compiling a roster of job candidates.

Dunhill International Search, 59 Elm St., New Haven, CT, 06510, is stockpiling resumes for professions such as engineering and communications. The company has already received 10,000 resumes for the 17 slots it has to fill.

"Fischer Report" is a biweekly newsletter that lists firms seeking Kuwaiti contracts. A sample copy will cost you $15. The address is 110 Newport Center Dr., Suite 150, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

"Gulf Reconstruction Report" handles similar information. A sample copy will cost you $20 payable by credit card. Call 1-800-424-2908 for information.