More than 4.7 million pieces of mail were received at the Ogden Internal Revenue Service Center last week as taxpayers rushed to beat the April 15 deadline.

"That's pretty close to a center record, if not a record, for a one-week period," said spokesman Doug Green. "We haven't got them all opened yet, of course, but we did open almost 3 million, and of those, 2.5 million were tax returns and over 200,000 were extensions."The Utah State Tax Commission also is reporting a glut of returns in the wake of the filing deadline.

"Between the 16th and 18th, we received 210,000 pieces of mail," said spokeswoman Janice Perry.

With the help of 140 seasonal workers, the tax commission expects to have all checks deposited in the bank by the end of next week and all refund returns moving through the system, Perry said.

She said the state mailed out about 660,000 taxpayer returns and has received back about 96 percent of those.

In all this year, the Ogden center, one of 10 in the country, has received about 12.4 million returns.