With five cases confirmed, the Davis County Health Department is warning parents of an outbreak of measles in the county. Parents should update immunizations, the department warns.

Five cases are confirmed and others are pending the outcome of blood tests, according to department technician Kevin Condra."Although the outbreak is not epidemic in proportion, parents should be aware that the risk of their child coming in contact with measles is certainly present," according to Condra.

The health department recommends any child who received a measles immunization - called an MMR - before 15 months of age be given a booster. Officials recommend that all current and incoming kindergarten students for the 1991-92 school year have the booster.

Parents who exempt their children from immunizations can expect to have them sent home if a measles case is diagnosed at their school, according to Condra. They will be excluded from school for at least two weeks and perhaps longer, if more cases are diagnosed at the school following the first one, he said.

Measles begins with a cough, runny eyes and runny nose. Sufferers may also be sensitive to light and display white patches in the mouth, followed by a dark red rash appearing on the head and then down the body.

Parents seeing these symptoms or other unusual rashes should contact their physician or the county health department, 451-3315.