House-hunting by a pair of endangered peregrine falcons in Zion National Park has prompted the park to put temporary restrictions on climbing some of the park's famous monoliths.

Superintendent Harold L. Grafe said the north and south faces of Angel's Landing, Scouts Landing and the Great White Throne will be closed to climbers until May 20.A pair of peregrines has been in the area for a few weeks and the birds are selecting a nesting site, or eyrie. After they have chosen their new home, the restriction may be lifted on some of the routes that would not interfere with egg-laying, incubation and rearing of the young hawks.

"Recreational climbers enjoy the outdoors and on the whole are resource preservation minded, so I think the disruption of any planned climbs in this area for the period of this closure will be easily accepted by the climbing community," Grafe said.