Kirk Rasmussen, Redmond, has been named to the Sevier School District Board of Education to fill the vacancy left by Ross Marshall, who resigned and moved to Salt Lake City. The term will expire Dec. 31, 1995.

Rasmussen will represent the northern Sevier County communities of Salina, Redmond and Aurora. He was chosen from six other applicants - Gaylord Harward, Melinda Torgerson, Mike Jorgensen, Price Hales, John Johnson and Karren Glover.Rasmussen is the third to fill vacancies in recent years. David Blackwell and Carl Albrecht were appointed to the board and later won elections.

Jerold Johnson, who was recently named new president of the board, said he was impressed with the level of applicants seeking the position and gratified by the response and interest of the community in education.

Albrecht is the board's new vice president.

Board responsibilities assigned by Johnson include Ruth Jackson and David Blackwell as representatives to Sevier Valley Applied Technology Center; Albrecht, High School Activities Association; Jackson, delegate assembly and Risk Management Committee of the Utah School Boards Association; Blackwell, Central Utah Education Services; and Jackson and Albrecht, auditing.

It was announced that it will cost more than $6,000 for each school in the district to reorganize extracurricular activities, several to be held on Saturdays. Most of the cost will be in additional wages to coaches.

The intent of the policy is not to lessen the importance of activities in growth and development of students but to increase the quality time teachers and students spend in academic training, board members concluded.

Most track and wrestling activities are now held on Saturdays. Track, baseball, softball and golf may be moved to partial or full Saturdays or summer schedules.

The board also voted to allow senior students in good academic standing to enroll for up to two hours of work release, receiving elective credit, and authorized using $75,000 of the undistributed reserve fund to complete a warehouse and transportation complex.