A "spectacular" rush-hour accident on I-15 Friday caused a traffic jam but resulted in no serious injuries. Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Robert Humphrey said Alice Gordon, 49, of Bountiful, was southbound near 2100 North about 7:55 a.m. when the rear tire of her vehicle blew out. Gordon hit the brakes, which sent her car into the center lane, where it collided with a semitrailer truck driven by Jeffrey Gordon (no relation), 39, of Texas. The truck driver tried to avoid her car and drove to the left. But the 80,000-pound truck collided with a vehicle driven by Lorraine Whittaker, 38, of Bountiful, and pinned it against the concrete barrier. The vehicle driven by Alice Gordon spun across all three lanes, landed on top of the concrete barrier and rode the barrier about 150 feet facing backward, Humphrey said. The two cars were destroyed. "It's amazing that no one was hurt," he said. "Everyone was wearing seatbelts."