Editor's note: Every week the Deseret News profiles a special-needs child available for adoption through the Rocky Mountain Adoption Exchange. An estimated 35,000 children are considered "special-needs" because they are an ethnic minority, disabled, older or hard to place because several siblings need to be placed together. Anyone interested in a child can call the exchange at 359-7700.

J.R. is a bright youngster who was born in March 1983. School work comes fairly easy to him, and he is doing well in school.J.R. is a well-coordinated boy who likes to be active. Riding bicycles and playing football and baseball are among his favorite activities. He also loves to fish.

Because of a past filled with neglect and abuse, J.R. has a hard time trusting others. He can be quite charming and even sincerely affectionate for short periods of time. However, feelings of insecurity and anger come out in manipulative and destructive behavior. He is sometimes too aggressive with other children, particularly younger

ones. Because he is unpredictable, J.R. can be hard to live with. Therapy is helping him understand and deal with his feelings and behavior. Medication for hyperactivity is being tried.

J.R. needs a family who has some experience with children who have emotional problems and can help him learn to trust and become a happier fellow. Therapy will need to continue.

A two-parent family is preferred, but a single dad might be considered. J.R. needs to be the youngest or only child at home. Financial assistance may be available to help cover some of the costs.