Queen Elizabeth II is planning a little all-American fun on her ninth visit to the United States: She'll meet "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf, eat popcorn at a baseball game and remember the Alamo.

But the queen's visit also will have a formal side.She'll address Congress - she will be the first British monarch to do so - visit a housing project in the nation's capital, tour George Washington's home at Mount Vernon and host a garden party.

Because the queen and her husband, Prince Philip, are the Bushs' guests, the state visit will include a White House dinner and a reciprocal event at the British Embassy.

The closely guarded invitation lists for those parties have kept Washington's social set on tenterhooks for weeks. Bruised egos have already surfaced.

The queen is using her official trip - she arrives Tuesday for nine days - to get to know America better. After four days in Washington, she'll head to Florida and Texas.