President Mikhail Gorbachev has noted recent improvements in U.S. attitudes toward the Soviet Union and hopes a superpower summit can take place this summer, his spokesman said Tuesday.

"The Soviet Union is fully in favor of the partnership with the United States," Vitaly Ignatenko told a news briefing.He said that Gorbachev and President Bush, during a telephone conversation last week, had agreed that relations between the two countries "have considerably improved recently and expressed hope that this will continue in the future."

Gorbachev, Ignatenko said, "favors the idea of holding a full-fledged summit this summer to be highlighted by the signing of a strategic arms reduction treaty."

Ignatenko also said the Soviet leader was still examining the possibility of attending July's summit of industrialized countries in London, although no official invitation had been received.

"We are on the way to resolving this very important question," he said.

Bush told a news conference in Washington Tuesday that he would consult other participating nations about inviting Gorbachev. If the Soviet leader were to attend the meeting, he said, it was important that it produce positive results.

The superpower summit, already delayed from February and now due in the first half of 1991, is still in doubt.