A contract is expected to be awarded to Busk Construction Co. of Richfield for a new building that will house the Central Utah Health Department at 900 North, west of the I-70 access road in Richfield.

Busk's bid of $305,000 was the lowest of 10 construction firms and about $15,000 less than the next lowest bidder, GSA Construction of Salt Lake City. The low bid is under review and a contract will be awarded if there are no discrepancies in the specifications, said Russell Anderson, the health department's management services coordinator.The building will be owned by Sevier County and financed with a $325,000 low-interest loan through the Utah Community Impact Board. The loan will be amortized with payments from the health department to the county under a 25-year lease that has renewal options. Anderson said construction could not have been financed in that manner by the health department, which operates independently from the Utah Health Department.

Counties in Utah are required to provide specific health services, but rural counties with small populations find it financially difficult to operate their own health departments. The Central Utah Health Department is partly financed by Sanpete, Sevier, Wayne, Piute, Millard and Juab counties, which constitute the Six County area.

The new building will contain 7,168 square feet of floor space on two levels and will house 10 health department employees, said Wayne LeBaron, director. There are 23 department employees working in the six counties.

The department recently moved from 201 East 500 North to 160 North Main and will remain there until the new building is ready for occupancy in the



Competitive bids

Busk Const., Richfield $305,000

GSA Const., SLC $319,890.

Atkin Const., Beaver $320,900

M-13 Const., Ogden $322,954

Riley Const., Beaver $324,900

Alsom CSS Const., SLC $325,000

Valley Builders, Gunnison $342,039

Blaine Wadman Corp., SLC $352,000

Harward and Rees, Loa $375,000

Adcon Corp., SLC $511,740.