It's the fight everyone wants to see, according to Don King. For once, the master of hyperbole is right.

Nothing concrete has been set for a bout between heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson, the former champion and top-rated challenger. But both sides are confident such a big-money fight will take place this year."It's a little premature," said Shelly Finkel, an adviser to Holyfield who helps negotiate his fights for Main Events. "Don and I spoke a little on Wednesday at the cable TV convention and we both said we would like to make the fight happen. He said, `Let's do it' and I said, `Fine, it would have to be the right deal.' We will not just take a deal to make the fight."

On Wednesday, King canceled the Tyson-Donovan "Razor" Ruddock rematch scheduled for June 28, ostensibly because Ruddock withdrew to allow Tyson to pursue a fight with Holyfield. Ruddock's manager, Murad Muhammad, said Thursday the real reason for his fighter's withdrawal was Muhammad's one-year suspension by the Nevada boxing commission.

"Donovan will not fight without his promoter," said Muhammad. "He was not paid to step aside so that Tyson could fight Holyfield."