Clean up and ship out-- free. That's the offer being made by ARA Leisure Services on Lake Powell for this Saturday.

The company is offering the use of Lake Powell houseboats free to families, groups or clubs interested in the "Adopt-A-Canyon" clean-up program.The National Park Service will suggest canyons and provide trash bags. Parties will then be given a houseboat to help in their clean-up work.

For more information contact one of the four marinas - Wahweap (602-645-2433), Bullfrog (684-2233), Hall's Crossing (684-2261), or Hite (684-2278).

LAKE CLOSED TO FISHING - Electric Lake has been closed to all fishing. The emergency ban took effect last Saturday, and includes the lake and all tributaries.

According to Kevin Christopherson, Division of Wildlife Resources regional fisheries manager, the lake is the only source of Strawberry cutthroat trout eggs, "making this population of fish extremely important to the state's sport fisheries program.

"Five years of drought and reduced stream inflow have greatly impacted natural reproduction of cutthroat trout."

A sampling by the DWR has shown a drastic reduction in numbers of spawning adults over the past two years. The remaining spawning adults have therefore become vital to Utah's program.

He also noted that the situation has been aggravated by the decline in Scofield's fishery.

This month the DWR will set traps to collect spawning cutthroats. Biologist plan to strip up to 800,000 eggs.

TREATMENT SCHEDULED - The DWR plans to treat Scofield Reservoir in September.

Christopherson said the treatment is necessary to eliminate reproducing walleye, chubs and carp.

He said if left untreated, "It would only be a matter of time until walleye ruin the trout fishery."

The drought and low water quality have contributed to low survival of trout. Restocking will take place in the spring and fall of 1992. The reservoir will remain closed all of 1992 to allow the fishery to reestablish itself.

The U.S. Forest Service is interested in public comment on the project. Comments will be accepted at the Price Ranger District, 599 W. Price River Drive, Price, UT. 84501, through May 21.

IDAHO HUNT REPORT - How did Idaho hunters do on last year's deer and elk hunts. According to the Idaho Fish and Game, not as well as the previous year.

According to 1990 figures, mule deer made up 69 percent of the 72,100 deer harvested, whitetail the remaining 31 percent. Overall success was 42 percent, compared 56 percent the previous year.

While success was down, the number of hunters increased. The 154,500 hunters that went afield is 12,200 more than in 1989.

The lower harvest reflects stricter management goals.

Idaho hunters took 21,500 elk last season, which is 1,100 less than the previous year. Still, the success keeps Idaho in No. 2 for overall elk harvest. Colorado is No. 1.

Overall success was 28 percent, compared to 29 percent in 1989.

More than 653,000 hunter-days were spent hunting elk and 1,188,000 hunting deer in Idaho.