Jack McDowell and Mark Whiten were ejected Sunday after a bench-clearing melee in the fifth inning of a game between the Chicago White Sox and Toronto Blue Jays.

The Blue Jays had taken a 4-3 lead on John Olerud's one-out, solo homer in the fifth. McDowell's first pitch to Whiten was low and behind his back. The Toronto right fielder dropped his bat and headed for McDowell, who stood his ground on the mound.Whiten then leveled a roundhouse right to McDowell's face and dug another punch into his body before the teams converged on the field. The two players were separated.

McDowell received treatment for a cut to his face. Both players were then ejected. When play resumed, Ken Patterson was on the mound in place of McDowell and Kenny Williams finished Whiten's at-bat.