Two new Ragu "fresh Italian" varieties grace your grocer's shelves. Garden Medley and Garlic & Basil are the latest in Ragu's "100 percent Natural Pasta Sauce." The 28-ounce bottles are available for $1.29.

Kay Hadley: "Our family was divided on the Garlic and Basil. The kids liked it but my husband and I didn't care for the strong garlic flavor. We do occasionally buy Ragu because it's a quick and easy meal, but we didn't care for this one."Don Russell: "We thoroughly enjoyed Ragu's new spaghetti sauce. It had a fresh taste that wasn't overly sweet, and it was laced with lots of little vegetable chunks that made this sauce tasty and appealing. More than anything else, this sauce just plain smacked of freshness. Try it, we think you'll like it."

Doris Wilding: "We tested the Garden Medley and thought the flavor was good but on the mild side and lacking something. When we added hamburger and a few spices, we liked it better. I guess we don't make very good vegetarians."

Judy Slack: "The basic sauce had a great flavor. However, my kids thought that someone really messed up big when they put carrots, celery and zucchini in such a good product. I think I agree!"

Edyth Jensen: "I do not care for garlic flavor in anything so I was not looking forward to trying this garlic- and basil-flavored spaghetti sauce. But it turned out to be OK. It didn't have a strong garlic taste, and the rest of the family quite liked it."

Linda C. Tingey: "I make my own spaghetti sauce each year so I rarely buy it. But the Ragu Garden Medley tasted like homemade. My family really liked it."

Conclusion: Two "greats," one "OK, but nix the veggies," one "OK but too mild," "one split vote (with a strong NO)" and one "OK." Let your taste buds be your guide!

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