President Bush has a green light to resume golfing and is "doing super" in bouncing back from a thyroid ailment, his doctor says.

Dr. Burton Lee, the White House physician, advised reporters Wednesday to "bring your shorts" when they accompany Bush to his home in Kennebunkport, Maine, on Friday for an extended Memorial Day holiday stay.Bush is not likely to resume running just yet, but "I think we'll be playing golf," Lee said. "He's doing super, he really is."

Drawing a line on an imaginary medical chart, Lee said, "He's going up very, very sharply."

He said the president "looks much better than (Tuesday) and much better than the day before."

"As a matter of fact, he's beginning to get too antsy, which is bad news for the reporters," the physician said.

Bush, 66, complained of being "dead tired" last week and he looked haggard Monday at a news conference with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. But he appeared chipper as he returned to the White House from a trip to Minnesota on Wednesday.

Bush was hospitalized for two days with an irregular heartbeat that developed while he jogged at Camp David, Md., on May 4. Four days later, he was diagnosed as having Graves' disease, an ailment caused by an overactive thyroid gland that doctors said caused the heart problem.