Some small hunting parties will have a least one more year of hunting rights on a piece of land the city recently acquired.

Bill Aldrich has brought small parties of six to eight members to the Crab Creek area for elk hunting for the past three years. However, the hunting rights Aldrich acquired from the Bow Valley Development Corp. expired when Spanish Fork bought 8,600 acres from Bow Valley for the area's water rights."I usually have to get commitments from my clients earlier in the year," Aldrich told the council. "I just need to get an indication from you whether I'll have to refund their money or find somewhere else to go this year."

City Council members voted to extend Aldrich and his group those rights for the 1991 season since he had been promised them by the Bow Valley organization.

"Well, he did have a commitment from Bow Valley, and it seems very unfair for us not to honor that much of the deal," Councilman Rex Woodhouse said.