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Newspapers across the nation are currently receiving numerous letters to the editor from members of the Taxpayer Action Network asking them to increase their coverage of waste in government.

The Deseret News has received more than 27 letters in the past week and several new letters arrive daily. The letters are one-page form letters that senders sign.According to Doug Dewey, assistant field director for the network, the letter effort is a national campaign.

"We've crystallized the sentiments about waste and mismanagement," Dewey said of the form letters. "We're using the classic method of writing letters to the editor to gain recognition."

Dewey said that the Taxpayer Action Network is a new group that has grown out of Citizens Against Government Waste. He said that the new group is a kind of lobbying branch for Citizens Against Waste and that it was formed last fall after Taxpayer Action Day was held on Oct. 27 in 160 cities.

He said that the new group has about 400,000 members nationally, though only about 2,500 are very active. Dewey estimated that several thousand Utahns are interested enough to subscribe to the group's publication although he believes only 100 are true activists.

Dewey said the ultimate purpose of the new group is to educate the public about waste and mismanagement in government, hoping to get others involved. He said members are also being encouraged to call local radio talk shows and contact their congressmen.