Salt Lake resident Jane Rawson, 80, spends one day a week for four to five hours volunteering her time at the Ronald McDonald House.

Rawson is a strong believer in medical research since her late husband, Rulan Rawson, was involved in that area.She always has performed a lot of volunteer work during her life, including when she lived in New Jersey and Houston. When her husband had a stroke, she took care of him until his death.

Rawson loves being around people whom she feels she's doing something for. She's a quiet and deserving lady who doesn't seek recognition, but many others appreciate her work.

Here are some other recent nominations from readers concerning Wasatch Front residents who make a difference in their communities by doing volunteer work or other such service:

- Pierce and Dorothy Fast:

This couple is constantly helping people in their Kearns neighborhood who are in need. This ranges from from providing food to helping financially strapped neighbors buy new appliances. They also stop by many neighbors' homes just for friendly visits.

- Eleen L. Collins:

Collins volunteers a lot of her time with the Special Olympics program. She also visits with many of her neighbors and shows genuine concern about them.

- Hillside Veterinarian Hospital:

This animal hospital has donated numerous health exams and spay checks, giving dogs and cats a better opportunity to be adopted through the animal services department in Salt Lake City.

- Shirley Wall:

Wall, a Davis County resident, has donated more than 500 hours of her time to her local elementary school library, reading, repairing books, typing and helping keep the card catalog up to date. She has also donated more than 300 books to schools.

- Cynthia Parrish:

Parrish volunteered her time recently to lead a battle for adequate neighborhood parking in the area near the Utah State Capitol Building.

- Rulon Miller:

Miller is a neighbor who cares. This past winter, he helped one of his elderly neighbors by shoveling snow and visited many of his neighbors who live alone.

- Adele Mansfield:

Mansfield is described as a fantastic friend and caring neighbor. She's always cheerful and available to help others, despite her own large family.

- Hazel Tolman:

Tolman is a Bountiful resident who gives a lot of her time to any neighbor who needs it, especially local widows.

- Karl Nelson and Ariel Hulse:

These two Bountiful men help many widows in their neighborhood with yard work, household repairs and many other things.

- George S. McDonald:

McDonald is a neighborhood do-gooder. He helps many of the elderly in his Salt Lake neighborhood with landscaping and all types of household repairs.

- Colleen Bruno:

Bruno spends an hour every weekday as a volunteer at a Murray Elementary school.

- Jose R. Thalman:

Thalman, 88, visits children every Tuesday, all day long, at the Salt Lake Shriners' Hospital. He cheers up the children by telling them stories, giving them candy (when permissible) and other surprises. He is known to the kids as "Grandpa Joe." Previously, he spent many years making regular visits to Primary Children's Medical Center.