A suburban Japanese housewife was showered with Disney memorabilia Wednesday when she became the 100 millionth visitor to Japan's eight-year-old Tokyo Disneyland.

"I am very happy to have been chosen, but I must admit I am a little bewildered," said Satomi Maruyama, 28, as she was handed among other things a Mickey Mouse doll and a 10-year free entry voucher to the park.Maruyama had come from a suburban district of Tokyo with her daughter Naomi to enjoy the park for a second time. Four-year-old Naomi had just been discharged from a hospital where she had received treatment for eye problems, a park spokesman said.

"We came today because my daughter said she wanted to ride the `It's a Small World' amusement," said Maruyama who described Tokyo Disneyland as a "dream come true."

Given that Japan's population is 124 million, Oriental Land, the company managing the park, was surprised that 100 million people had already visited Tokyo Disneyland, which opened in 1983.