The man accused of setting fire to several Utah County haystacks and suspected of setting similar fires in Salt Lake and Sanpete counties isn't likely to face charges for at least 45 days.

Clark Reynolds, 26, Cedar Hills, charged with three counts of felony arson and two counts of possessing and placing an infernal machine, will likely undergo a mental evaluation at the Utah State Hospital to determine if he is competent to stand trial.Fourth Circuit Judge Lynn Davis on Tuesday issued a conditional order suspending all court action against Reynolds pending the evaluation. Davis' order is conditional on a 4th District judge signing a petition expected to be filed Wednesday by defense attorney Stephen Madsen asking for the evaluation.

Very seldom do judges refuse to sign such petitions. If the petition is signed, Reynolds will be evaluated for 30 days and then face a competency hearing 15 days later. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Reynolds for Thursday. If the petition is not signed, Davis said, the preliminary hearing will go on as scheduled.

Salt Lake and Sanpete county authorities also are considering filing charges against Reynolds. However, any further charges against Reynolds likely will be delayed until the outcome of the evaluation.