Two transients arrested in the May 12 slaying of another transient say they were held more than 80 hours before being released for lack of evidence.

Ronald Lee Ellis, 50, and Richard Eric Talsma, 46, say Carbon County officials and Helper Police Chief Jim Robinson violated their constitutional rights."Just because a man's homeless, doesn't make him a criminal," said Ellis, who said he complained to the FBI and the Utah attorney general's office.

Carbon County Attorney Gene Strate said officials acted appropriately and within the law.

"Even if they were local guys, they would have been treated the same," Strate said.

Because a number of forensics tests were required - a hair comparison in particular - the men remained in jail until lab work was completed, he said. The two were released May 16 after it was found that their hair did not match strands found on the dead man's hands.

Ellis and Talsma were arrested May 13 in a South Salt Lake train yard, the day after the victim's body was discovered in a building at the Helper railyards.