The New Mexico Lobos have tired of their football road trips to Hawaii, where victories have been scarce in recent years.

UNM Athletic Director Gary Ness is disputing a purported deal that would require the Lobos to play Western Athletic Conference rival Hawaii in Honolulu for five straight years.But Hawaii says a deal is a deal - in this case, a contract supposedly made by former Lobo athletic director John Koenig.

"We have a signed contract," Hawaii athletic director Stan Sheriff said. "The contract was decided by the prior A.D. (Koenig) a long time ago. If they decide not to come out, I don't know what legal grounds we'd have, but just on institutional integrity, I think you'd honor your contracts. We certainly have honored ours in previous scheduling."

Koenig agreed to the five away games starting in 1988, the year he was forced to resign under pressure. But Ness contends no contract was signed for the 1992 game. He says the Lobos may decide not to play that game at all if Hawaii doesn't agree to a home-and-home series.

"I just don't see why we have to go out there five years in a row," Ness said last week.

The Lobos are 0-3 since starting their annual trek to Aloha Stadium, with the three losses by a combined score of 148-33.

The WAC has reinstituted a round-robin format which requires the Lobos to meet all eight conference rivals this year for the first time in four years.

Ness says he wants the 1992 game played in Albuquerque because otherwise the Lobos will play seven of their 12 games on the road that season.

"I know Hawaii doesn't want to lose its eight home games, but I don't want us playing five and seven," Ness said.

WAC Commissioner Joe Kearney, who ultimately may have to settle the dispute, has been out of his office this week and unavailable for comment. He is expected back next week.