Joe Cannon believes in natural gas.

"It is the one resource that you can almost stick a straw in the ground and pump it into your car," he said.And, like a true believer, Cannon has set his sights on converting people to his view.

In fact, the Geneva Steel president has already converted his car to natural gas, as well as a good portion of his fleet at work.

The only step for him to take now is to get a filling station for himself, a place where he can fill up at home.

"We don't know when it will get here. We've done all the paperwork and are just waiting for them to come install it. I keep expecting it anytime," Cannon said.

And for just $2,000 to $3,000 you can get one for yourself. According to Cannon, it is worth every dollar. Especially the 50 to 70 cents he saves per gallon on natural gas and the fact that he doesn't have to pay road tax.

"The costs should come down dramatically for the conversions and pumps as people want them," he said. "Just look at how much people were paying for the first VCRs."

The kind of pump Cannon is installing at home is a low-pressure pump that takes about four to five hours to fill the tank in his car. It was just recently developed by a company in Canada. Mountain Fuel expects to install 50 of those pumps across Utah on an experimental basis this year.

Other high-pressure pumps, like the one Cannon has ordered for Geneva, fill much faster. Almost as quickly as normal gas pumps.

The alternative is for Cannon to stay close to one of five filling stations in the state that pumps natural gas, he said. With his new pump, he will be able to fill up at night when he is home relaxing.

"Natural gas is one of the greatest things in history," Cannon said. It producesalmost no carbon monoxide emissions, very low hydrocarbons and almost no particle emissions.

"It is an extremely efficient fuel with not a lot of residue or pollution left over. Besides, your engine will last twice as long and run a lot quieter," Cannon said.

"If this country is serious about lowering its dependence on foreign fuel, we should really explore into natural gas."