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A drunken Lenny Dykstra slammed his new red sports car into two trees while driving home from a bachelor party early Monday, causing multiple injuries to himself and Philadelphia Phillies teammate Darren Daulton, authorities said.

Dykstra faces drunken-driving charges based on tests showing that his blood alcohol level exceeded 0.10 percent, the state's legal limit, said acting Radnor Township Police Chief Henry Jansen, who would not reveal the exact figure. Fox News reported, without divulging its source, that Dykstra's level was 0.17.Dykstra, 28, sustained three broken ribs, a broken right collarbone and a broken right cheekbone. A broken rib punctured a lung and his heart was bruised, according to doctors.

Daulton, 29, the Phillies' catcher, suffered a broken left eye socket, a scratched left cornea and a heart bruise, doctors said.

"Both are very lucky gentleman," said Dr. David Rose of Bryn Mawr Hospital. "The kind of shape they were in, as strong as they were, helped them."

Alcohol-related accidents have killed at least five sports figures in recent years, including New York Yankees Manager Billy Martin and Philadelphia Flyers goalie Pelle Lindbergh.

Dykstra is on a one-year baseball probation as a result of gambling. He testified last winter that he lost close to $78,000 in poker games in Mississippi.

Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent would not discuss possible penalties.

"I was very sorry to learn of the serious injuries to Len Dykstra and Darren Daulton," Vincent said. "The only proper concern is for their well-being. I wish them well and hope their recovery is both quick and total."

Dykstra will miss at least the next two months, Phillies spokeswoman Tina Urban said. Daulton was expected to miss 15 days, Urban said.

Dykstra was driving his 1991 Mercedes Benz in suburban Radnor at 1 a.m. when he lost control, crossed the road and struck two trees on the passenger side of his car, Jansen said.

Police were still unsure how fast Dykstra was driving in the 35-mph zone. Neither man was wearing a seat belt and the car's air bags did not inflate because the impact was from the side, not from the front or back, Jansen said.

Both players declined medical attention when police first found them walking outside the car, police said. While at the Radnor police station, they complained of pain and were taken to Bryn Mawr Hospital.

Dykstra and Daulton were on their way home from a bachelor party for teammate John Kruk, who was to be married Monday, Phillies spokesman Larry Shenk said.

The accident occurred 13 days after Phillies management replaced Nick Leyva with manager Jim Fregosi. The Phillies were 4-9 when Leyva was fired.

At a news conference Monday afternoon, team president Bill Giles was upset.

"Life is so . . . unpredictable," Giles said. "In baseball, things are going so good. . . . You win six out of eight (games) and then you get slapped in the face."

Fregosi, who replaced Leyva on April 23, said team officials had not yet considered any ramifications of the accident.

"The primary thing right now is we're concerned about their health," Fregosi said.

Fregosi said Von Hayes would be moved to center field, and the team has called up catcher Darrin Fletcher and pitcher Wally Ritchie from the club's Scranton-Wilkes-Barre farm team to fill in for the injured players.

The Phillies obtained Daulton in the June 1980 draft. In 1990, he led National League catchers in games (139), walks , runs and doubles , while hitting a career-high .268 with 12 home runs and 57 RBIs.

Dykstra joined Philadelphia in a 1989 trade with the New York Mets. He had an outstanding 1990 season, hitting over .400 until June 11 and ending the season at .325, with 192 hits, 35 doubles, 9 home runs and 60 RBIs. He was the NL's starting center fielder in the All-Star game.