The use of "jake brakes" by large trucks is now prohibited in Layton, banned Thursday night by the City Council as a noise reduction-measure.

Jake brakes are devices used on large diesel semi-trucks. By using engine compression, the devices act as brakes to slow the vehicle.But they are noisy and irritating, according to residents along highways and major streets.

Responding to requests by citizens, the ordinance banning their use was drawn up, reviewed by the Police Department and passed unanimously by the council.

Community Development director Scott Carter said similar ordinances are in effect in parts of Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County, along the I-215 corridor and coming out of Parley's Canyon. Clearfield considered a similar ordinance but has backed off from it, he said.

With passage of the ordinance, UDOT will begin posting signs warning truckers the brakes are illegal in Layton, Carter said. Signage will be included at freeway off-ramps, where jake-brake use is common.

The Police Department is also prepared to begin enforcement, he said.