A chair discovered in Oslo is believed to be a good luck charm that Napoleon left at home during his final defeat at the battle of Waterloo.

The mahogany, brass-adorned armchair, made around 1800, was found during an inventory of assets in the bankruptcy of Herlof-son and Co., the business daily Da-gens Naeringliv reported Friday.Sigurd Herlofson, of the Oslo company, told the newspaper that the French emperor considered the chair lucky. He said Napoleon was believed to have used it during his European campaigns, but not at Waterloo, Belgium, the site of his final defeat in June 1815.

An appraisal done for the Oslo bankruptcy court put the chair's worth at more than $15,000.

The report said the chair may be sold as part of the bankruptcy settlement.

The lucky chair was last auctioned in 1924 in Denmark when its previous owner also went bankrupt.