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Following its tradition of a non-traditional graduation, the members of Bountiful High School's Class of 1991 heard six of their fellow students share their thoughts at Friday night's commencement ceremony.

Seniors Jennifer Zaugg, Jennifer Christian, Julie Strong, Stephen Kelson, Tyler Yeates and Christian Jones were selected by their fellow classmates to present a graduation reading, based on the class theme.Each senior took each letter from the word "Dreams" and recorded his or her thoughts on dreams of the present and dreams of the future.

Reading in turn through each letter, they wove a tapestry of their experiences at Bountiful High and their expectations for the future.

"`D' is for `delight,"' were Julie Zaugg's opening thoughts, as Chris Jones said, to him, the letter meant "doubt" and, for Jennifer Christian, "dedication."

The six worked their way through the letters, ending with Jones' closing thought on the letter "S": "The final `S' in `dreams' is for success. Congratulations, Class of 1991, we've achieved it."

Davis County School Board member Dan Eastman accepted the graduating seniors from principal Rulon Homer, and then awarded them their diplomas.

The class gift, an imaging projector for the high school auditorium, was presented to the school by Stout and accepted by Student Body President Mike Nebeker.




Graduation theme: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Location: Bountiful

Number of graduates: 359

Class officers: Amy Stout, president; Liz Child, Russell Hall, Jake Murdock, vice presidents

Student speakers: Jennifer Zaugg, Jennifer Christian, Julie Strong, Stephen Kelson, Tyler Yeates, Christian Jones