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It's up to you to make the world more beautiful. That seemed to be the general consensus of the five student speakers Friday evening at Layton High School's 22nd annual commencement program.

Following a greeting by Susan Woodbury, senior class president, Drew Smith presented the theme, "You whose day it is make it beautiful."Mary Ellen Dibble spoke on "Our Day To Discover." She said we need to discover the needs of our fellow men and then meet those needs. Dibble also talked of making your own corner of the world prettier.

"Our Day, Our Hope, Our Dream" was the title of Kari A. Sabin's address. She spoke of always remembering the things accomplished during the years at Layton High. She also spoke of having good dreams and visions of the future.

"All great things started out as dreams," she said.

Rebecca Barlow expounded on "Learn the Way to Fly." She quoted a poem from Jonathan Livingston Seagull:

"Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you'll see the way to fly."

Barlow also said graduates should be aware of the new passageways coming their way in the future.

Sunshine Tracy Bradovich spoke on "With Every Goodbye," while "What Will I Win?" was the title of Angie Allphin's student address to the graduating class of 1991.

Paul C. Smith, Layton High principal, presented the graduating seniors. The class was about the same size as the past several classes.

Louenda Downs, president of the Davis County School Board and Steve Ronnenkamp, assistant superintendent of the Davis School District, provided the acceptance response and conferred the diplomas at the graduation.



Graduation theme: "You whose day it is make it beautiful." (A Nootka Indian proverb.)

Location: 440 Lancer Lane, Layton

Number of graduates: 477

Senior class officers: President, Susan Woodbury; vice president, Kim Estoque; secretary, Kristen Knowlton.

Student speakers: Sunshine Tracy Bradovich, Mary Ellen Dibble, Angie Allphin, Kari A. Sabin and Rebecca Barlow.