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Vandals caused about $10,000 damage to the Bonneville Golf Course Thursday when they drove a vehicle over the course and tore up patches of grass.

A Salt Lake police officer stopped a vehicle that had been seen driving on the course about 3 a.m. Thursday. He could see little damage in the dark, but the next morning the groundskeeper reported damage throughout the course from 2100 East to 2450 East and from Michigan Avenue to about 1200 South, a police report stated.The vehicle is believed to have accelerated across the tees, greens and fairways, spinning in circles and tearing up large patches of turf and grass, police said.

The groundskeeper said he had just finished preparations for the season's first major tournament this weekend. He told police the course will suffer lost revenues through next year and said there are three or four places that will take several years to return to normal.