The computer software program, The Computerized Scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been improved.

The software program for home computers, which enables a computer search of the four standard works of the Church based on any word or combination of words, has existed since 1988. Now, the Church has released an upgrade of the program, called Version 1.3., the Scriptures Committee has announced.Owners of earlier versions are invited to upgrade their programs. Those who have registered their programs and whose mailing addresses have not changed since registration will receive a written invitation from the Church's Salt Lake Distribution Center. They can request either a system upgrade for their existing program - free of charge - or a completely new program at a discounted price.

The new version offers 250 percent greater speed for combined word searches. It also allows the user more than twice the previous number of "BookMarks" (devices that allow the user to return instantly to any location in the scriptures) and the user can place the BookMarks at the word level instead of just at the beginning of a book in the scriptures.

Known typographical errors have been corrected in the new version.

One user's manual now replaces three manuals previously released. The new manual is automatically included with every upgrade offer.

Current owners of earlier releases of the Computerized Scriptures should register their programs as soon as possible with the Church's Information Systems to receive an upgrade offer. Registration materials are included with every copy of the software.

The upgrade - or the entire program with the cost discount for registered users - must be ordered with a special form that will be sent to registered users.

For new owners, the program in its entirety costs $34 for 51/4-inch diskettes and $36 for 31/2-inch diskettes. It is available from the Salt Lake Distribution Center, 1999 W. 1700 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104.

The manual without the diskettes costs $9.50. Purchase of the manual by itself includes a license to borrow the diskettes from an owner and copy the program into one's own computer.

For registered owners who choose to buy an entirely new program, the discount price is $22 for 51/4-inch diskettes and $24 for 31/2-inch diskettes.