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Members of at least 114 religious faiths visited Temple Square the first quarter of 1991.

Elder Robert B. Harbertson, director of Temple Square, said that because not all visitors sign guest registers, the number of other faiths represented could actually be higher."Overall, members of these faiths are most congenial and come onto the Square with a special spirit," he related. "They enjoy the peaceful feeling that exists here. They are greatly impressed with the dignity and friendliness of our tour guides. They appreciate the love and feeling we have regarding our Savior Jesus Christ. We are pleased to have them come and get acquainted with our people, learn of Temple Square's historical significance, and experience the peaceful feeling here."

Specific religions listed most frequently in the first quarter report, the latest released by Temple Square public relations, were, in order, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Jewish and United Church of Christ. In addition, many visitors simply wrote "Christian" or "Protestant."

Elder Harbertson said nearly 480,000 visitors came to Temple Square during the first three months of the year, representing an increase of nearly 8 percent over last year. The visitors came from nearly every state in the United States and from numerous foreign countries.