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Lee Pratt, a member of the Bon Air Ward, Richmond Virginia Stake, was installed May 12 as the president of the Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond, the first member of the Church to be elected to the position.

She has been a member of the Interfaith Council board since 1985 and was elected as president to serve in 1991-1992.Pres. Larry E. Tolpi of the Richmond Virginia Stake installed the new officers at a luncheon hosted by the Cathedral of Sacred Hearts here.

The Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond was organized in 1929 to eliminate prejudice, create better understanding among all people and provide cooperative service among religious organizations to the community. Its purpose is not to worship together but to work together.

The council is currently comprised of 115 Christian and non-Christian religious groups.

The Church was admitted to the Interfaith Council in 1985, being the first major denomination admitted since the council's beginning in 1929. More than 5,000 members of the Church reside in the greater Richmond area.

Sister Pratt is an associate professor in the School of Education at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. She serves as public affairs director for the Richmond Virginia Stake.